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The Hidden Room

Robert Newton Sally Gray, Phil Brown, Naunton Wayne, James Harcourt, Olga Lindo
Adolf Hitler
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British title: Obsession

Gentleman: "Still, things were coming along quite nicely until Hitler popped up." (0:01)

Bill Kronin tells his lover Storm Riordan, "Maternal Instinct coming out." (0:08)

Kronin reads from a newspaper to Storm’s psychiatrist husband Dr. Clive Riordan, "Yard investigates loss of memory theory." (0:27)

Kronin tells a picture, "Yeah, I suppose you think I've gone nuts, Joe." (0:33)

Riordan tells Kronin, "The important thing is... not to panic..." (0:57)

Detective Superintendent Finsbury tells Riordan, "My memory, you know."
”Not bad for a psychiatrist.” (1:05)

Riordan appears to lace Kronin’s Martini with an unidentified liquid. (1:15)

Riordan tells Finsbury he could kill himself with "one quick bite" of a capsule.
He tells Finsbury he made ”a fundamental mistake that grew into an obsession.” (1:29)

Storm tells Kronin "the shock and everything" delayed her visit to him. (1:31)