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The Homesman

Tommy Lee Jones, Hilary Swank, Meryl Streep, Miranda Otto, John Lithgow, James Spader
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Gro tells her rancher husband Thor, referring to her mother Netti, “Mama has passed away. She’s dead.” (0:10)

A freighter tells settler Mary Bee, “People like to talk about death and taxes, but when it comes to crazy they stay hushed up.” (0:21)

Mary Bee tells claim jumper George, “Three women in this country have lost their mind.”
George: ”Three crazy women for five weeks is a lot more than I bargained for.”
”... I help you tend your cuckoo clocks...” (0:29)

Gro talks to a vision of her deceased mother: “Mama, you have lost your mind.”
She burns herself with a candle. (0:31)

Arabella imagines she hears her dead babies crying. (0:32)

His wife Theoline asks rancher Vester, “Are you crazy?” (0:34)

Mary Bee tells George, “Can’t have you getting drunk around poor defenseless women.” (0:35)

Rancher Garn, referring to his wife Arabella who lost three children to diphtheria, tells Mary Bee, “She won’t say nothing, Miss Cuddy...” (0:38)

Thor, referring to his wife Gro, tells Mary Bee, “Her cousin will pick her up in Iowa and take her to the asylum.” (0:41)

Mary Bee finds Theoline restrained in her bed. (0:44)

George tells Mary Bee, “You’re gonna meet wagon trains that don’t want to see crazy people.”
”They’re crazy.” (0:50)

Gro scratches and pokes herself with a needle. (0:55)

George tells Mary Bee, “If something happens to me... you shoot the women in the head, then shoot yourself.” (1:02)

George tells a rider, referring to Arabella, “I am carrying three crazy women to a church in Iowa... She had three little children, lost ‘em all... and she lost her mind.” (1:06)

Mary Bee tells George, “You are insane.” (1:16)

George finds Mary Bee hanging by the neck, dead, having apparently killed herself. (1:24)

George, referring to the women: “Too damn crazy to pay attention to anything. Goddamn lunatics!... If you hadn't gone crazy, she wouldn’t have made this trip... You went crazy and drove her crazy...” (1:25)

Preacher’s wife Altha tells George, referring to the preacher, “He is out burying a beloved member of our congregation.”
George, referring to Mary Bee: ”... a fever took her and we buried her.” (1:42)