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The House by the Sea (2017)

Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Anaïs Demoustier, Gerard Meylan
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Joseph tells his actor sister Angèle Barberini, "I worry about you." (0:04)

Martin tells his son Yvan: "An idiot like me with such a smart son."
Yvan: ”Stop worrying about the rent.”
Martin: ”They're idiots.” (0:11)

Joseph, referring to his fiance Bérangère: "Don't worry, Yvan, she'll be back in an hour or two." (0:17)

Angèle asks her restaurant owner brother Armand, referring to Blanche, "Why would I have more, because my daughter died?" (0:18)

Angèle enters Blanche’s room and recalls her death by drowning. (0:19)

Angèle tells Joseph, "I cried all night." (0:22)

Fisherman Benjamin rtells Armand, "Don't worry." (0:25)

Bérangère tells Joseph, "I'm sick of your endless depression."
”You've no worries.” (0:28)

Armand tells Angèle, referring to their father Maurice and Blanche, "When she died, he suffered so much." (0:31)

Armand tells Joseph, "You're obsessed with age." (0:38)

An army officer tells the others, "Don't worry." (0:52)

Angèle asks Benjamin, "Are you crazy?"
”This guy is out of his mind.”
Benjamin: ”I'm crazy about you.” (0:53)

Armand: "Am I losing my mind, or what?" (0:56)

Joseph asks the officer, "Are you out of your mind?" (0:58)

Angèle tells Benjamin, "You're really crazy." (0:59)

Yvan shows Bérangère the lifeless bodies of his parents. Yvan cries. (1:01)

Joseph, referring to smoking: "It makes me feel like quitting." (1:04)

Angèle tells Maurice, referring to Blanche, "I refused to accept her death or her father leaving me the same day." (1:07)

By telephone, Bérangère tells a business associate, "Don't worry." (1:18)

A refugee girl tends the grave of her young brother. (1:39)