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The Last Days of Disco

CastChloë Sevigny, Kate Beckinsale, Chris Eigeman, Mackenzie Astin, Matt Keeslar, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Beals, Matthew Ross, Jaid Barrymore, Tara Subkoff, Michael Weatherly, Burr Steers, David Thornton
Year released1998
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His client Marshall tells Jimmy Steinway, "Don't worry Jimmy." (0:03)

His client Hap tells Jimmy, "Don't worry about it."
Hap tells editor Alice Kinnon and her friend Charlotte Pingress, referring to Jimmy, ”He's really depressed.”
”I think he's too depressed to dance.”
Jimmy: ”I'm too depressed to dance.”
Jimmy tells Alice, ”I can't believe what an idiot I am.” (0:09)

His boss Bernie Rafferty tells disco manager Des McGrath, "He's an egomaniac." (0:14)

Des tells Jimmy, "Van has gone crazy... It's nuts." (0:14)

Charlotte tells Alice, "For most guys, sexual repressiveness is a turn off." (0:20)

Des tells Alice, "Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it." (0:22)

Des tells his environmental lawyer friend Tom, referring to assistant district attorney Josh, "I'm a little worried about that guy. I think he might be having a manic episode of some kind." (0:23)

Tom tells Alice, "Actually, there's one theory that the environmental movement of our day was sparked by the re-release of Bambi in the late 1950s. For many members of the baby boom generation, it was traumatic, the hunters killing Bambi's mother." (0:24)

Coworker Dan, referring to Alice and Charlotte: "That girls like you really worried about paying the rent."
”It's not as if you really worry about paying the rent like the rest of us.”
Alice: ”Oh, you worry about paying the rent?” (0:29)

Charlotte tells Alice, "You'll find Holly's a little bit sensitive about her intelligence."
”Once you stop worrying about something like that, you're lost...”
Charlotte tells another man on the subway, ”Deviant.”
Charlotte tells Alice, ”So, I wouldn't develop any Illusions about Harvard guys.” (0:31)

Jimmy tells Des, referring to other people, "They get nervous."
Des: ”Kind of worrisome, don't you think?” (0:37)

Tom tells Alice, "I got so depressed and... you were a vision... of virtue and sanity."
”I'm sounding like an idiot.”
”... but what I was craving was sort of a sentient individual who wouldn't abandon her intelligence... Why is it... their IQ drops, like 40 points?”
”Do you think I'm an idiot?” (0:42)

Des asks the others, "God, how moronic can you get?"
Des answers Charlotte, ”That men are swine obsessed with large breasts and the sex act...”
Des tells Alice, ”You can't worry about what misinterpreters think.” (0:47)

Dan tells Alice, referring to her roommate Holly, "... she is intelligent, isn't she?" (0:58)

Charlotte tells Alice, "I have some sort of sick compulsion to say everything that occurs to me." (1:04)

Des tells Jimmy, "Actually, what I'm high about is the situation with Alice..." (1:06)

Jimmy tells the others, "Of course, if you talk enthusiastically about your work in advertising, you sound like a total cretin."
Charlotte: ”Saturday, I took my niece, who’s seven, to see the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp.”
Alice, referring to the movie: ”It's so tacky, not to mention depressing.”
Charlotte: ”This sweet movie about cute cartoon dogs you found depressing?”
Josh: ”There is something depressing about it...”
”Essentially, it's a primer on love and marriage directed at very young people, imprinting on their little psyches the idea that smooth-talking delinquents recently escaped from the local pound are a good match for nice girls from sheltered homes. When, in 10 years, the icky human version of tramp shows up around the house, their hormones will be racing...”
Des: ”God, you’re nuts.”
”Are you taking your medication? Because what you're saying is completely nuts.”
Referring to Josh's boss: ”He knows about... the looney tunes junior year.” (1:13)

Des tells Alice, "I don't identify with the Tramp at all... I actually identify with the loyal Scottie dog too." (1:17)

Des appears to have taken I snort of cocaine. (1:20)

Bernie asks Des, "Do you know that in college my senior paper was on Ernest Hemingway?"
Bernie lights a joint. (1:21)

Josh: "Cut out the drugs, Des."
”Don't make such a spectacle of yourself as a drug user.”
”You could be charged with dealing.”
Des: ”Dealing?” (1:23)

Des asks Jimmy, "Want a snort?" (1:25)

Alice tells Des, referring to Josh, "He said he had some crazy ideas for a book on the criminal justice system."
Des: ”Crazy ideas are the kind that Josh would have... Apparently, religious mania is highly typical of manic depression entering its manic phase. Josh is not just your garden-variety loon. He is a serious nutcase. What gets me is this serious nutcase now presumes to judge others. You really think the neurological effects of coffee are similar to that of cocaine?”
Des tries to snort his coffee. (1:25)

Josh asks Alice, referring to Des, "Did he tell you the story about how he was traumatized by radclyffe girl..." (1:27)

Alice asks Josh, "What does ‘loon’ mean?"
Josh: ”Loon, I sort of like it. It's, uh, short for lunatic, and also the lake bird with the eerie call. It's the other terms Des uses for me -- nutcase, freakazoid, etc. -- I kind of mind.” (1:28)

Alex asks Charlotte, "A day late, and you're worried?" (1:29)

Des tells Jimmy, "I'm not an addict. I'm a habitual user. I'm sick of you and that nutcase going around judging everybody: ‘Oh, he's an addict’." (1:30)

Charlotte tells Alice, "You know, I think my father could have been an undiagnosed manic depressive." (1:31)

Josh tells Alice, "It was here my depression first descended."
Alice; ”What happened with your depression?”
Josh answers Alice: ”Nothing, at first. Oh, I just went back to Cambridge very depressed. Then there was the incident at the Hayes Bickford, after which I was taken to Mass. Mental for observation.. While there, I cut my hand trying to open a stuck window, and they put me on a suicide watch, though I don't think I was ever really suicidal...”
”Actually, a lot of people spend considerable sums of money to get the high I get absolutely naturally. Now with lithium, which is, in fact, a naturally occurring salt, I can stay on a perfectly even keel...”
Alice: ”Did they prescribe lithium right away?”
”Lithium wasn't so standard then. There was a lot of muddling through various therapies... Think I'm a wacko?” (1:32)

Des asks Josh, "Jesus Christ, are you out of your mind?" (1:37)

Jenny tells Des, "That's a depressing thought." (1:41)

Charlotte tells Alice, "... my sanity and my integrity are more important to me than money." (1:43)

Des asks Josh, "Uh, doesn't irrational expenditure signal the start of a manic phase?"
Van tells the others, referring to people who no longer patronize discos, ”Some are sick or strung out.” (1:44)

Des tells Charlotte, "We've both got big personalities... the world, frankly, needs more big personalities, but perhaps ours burn too brightly, are too big for people with normal, healthy sized personalities, like Alice, or abnormal healthy size personalities, like Josh, or itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, polka dot bikini sized personalities like Jimmy Steinway." (1:48)

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