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The Last Word (2017)

CastShirley MacLaine, Amanda Seyfried, Anne Heche, AnnJewel Lee Dixon, Thomas Sadoski, Tom Everett Scott, Philip Baker Hall, Alanna Ubach, Joel Murray, Adina Porter, Sarah Baker, Steven Culp, Basil Hoffman, Gedde Watanabe
Year released2017
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Blog entry

Dr. Morgan tells advertising creative director Harriet, “You washed down four clonazepam with a bottle of red wine.” (0:07)

Harriet reads an obituary. (0:09)

Harriet tells obituary writer Anne, referring to singer Eugene, “He was a drunk.”
”I have a daughter, and I haven’t spoken to her in many years.” (0:13)

Harriet’s former gynecologist tells Anne, referring to Harriet, “She insisted on examining herself, her diagnosis always correct. I had to give her her copay back.” (0:20)

Charles Hall tells Anne, referring to Harriet, “I worked very hard in therapy not to think of her.” (0:20)

At risk youth Brenda tells Harriet, “You got busted for drunk driving, didn’t you? (0:36)

Harriet tells DJ Robin, “The right question would be, ‘What would I play after I played Nina Simone’s Gin House Blues?’”
Robin: “What would you play after you played Nina Simone’s Gin House Blues?” (0:46)

Harriet tells Brenda, “You know, as a general rule, most people are idiots
”... though when you’re confronted by an idiot, rather than make themself aware of their idiocy...” (0:47)

Anne tells Harriet, “Anne Sherman died from lethal injection last night...” (0:52)

Anne tells Robin, referring to writing obituaries, “I mean it’s like there’s a voyeuristic quality to it that I find very interesting...” (0:57)

Theater Marquis: “GODS OF EGYPT
KUNG FU PANDA 3” (1:00)

Anne tells Harriet, “You need to see your daughter, and you need to make it right...” (1:02)

Her estranged daughter Elizabeth tells Harriet, “I was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.”
”An obsession with perfectionism?”
”So you’ll see a therapist?” (1:11)

Harriet asks Dr. Morgan, “Treatment?”
Morgan: “It’s difficult to assess prognosis, really, with these types of cases.” (1:20)

Her ex-husband Edgar tells Harriet, “Well you know, Elizabeth, she is convinced that you have some kind of mental condition.” (1:25)

Robin tells Anne, referring to the smell of his shirt, “It’s vinyl and stagnant ‘90s apathy.” (1:31)

Memorial service for Harriet (1:38)

Anne’s letter to her boss Ron, referring to her old self, “... She will not be mourned...” (1:43)

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