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The Legend of Bagger Vance

Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron, Bruce McGill, Joel Gretsch, Jack Lemmon, J. Michael Moncrief, Lane Smith, Peter Gerety, Michael O'Neill, Thomas Jay Ryan, Dermot Crowley, Harve Presnell, Danny Nelson
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Old Hardy Greaves narrates, referring to professional golfer, now soldier, Rannulph Junuh, "It was to be his crowning glory, but nothing could have prepared him or anyone for the shock and sorrow of what was to come." (0:06)

Narrator: "Confused, broken, and unable to face returned to a hero's welcome, Junuh just disappeared..." (0:07)

Once wealthy businessman Invergordon apparently shoots himself off camera. (0:10)

Invergordon’s daughter Adele spreads her father’s ashes in the water. (0:11)

A businessman tells Adele, "Maybe we should come back when the shock of your father's passing isn't so..."
Judge Neskaloosa: ”Have you gone totally off your rocker?” (0:12)

Man, referring to professional golfer Dougal McDermott: "The only time he comes into town is to get drunk."
Another boy tells young Hardy Greaves, ”You're off your rocker.”(0:18)

Hardy tells a group of men, "I've seen men drunk plenty of times."
Junuh tells Hardy, ”I thought you were going to say drunk, but I'm not busy, and I'm not drunk. Fact is, there ain't enough whiskey in the state of Georgia to get me drunk enough.”
”Well, how drunk is drunk enough, Captain Junah?”
Junah: ”I'll tell you how drunk drunk enough is.”
”Now, the question on the table is how drunk is drunk enough... And finally, come in the memory cells.”
”Hell, I'm a whole lot drunker than I thought.” (0:22)

Junuh tells Adele, referring to Hardy, "Don't worry about him."
Adele tells junuh, ”You know, if you ever get tired of sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself, a little golf might just do you some good.” (0:28)

Caddy Bagger Vance tells Hardy, "Don't worry about hitting the ball the way it's going to go." (0:51)

Bagger tells Adele and Neskaloosa, "Well, right now my player’s a little confused about who he is." (1:02)

Adele tells Rannulph Junuh, "And your supporters, who are every man, woman and child in Savannah, are so demoralized that they can barely hold down their lunches." (1:09)

Hardy tells Junuh, "And they was just looking at me like I was stupid or crazy or something... My very own father, who says that he was a good friend of yours until you lost your mind in the war." (1:10)

Golfer Hagen tells Junuh, "You've got no illusions that there's anything out there worth getting riled up about." (1:20)

Junuh: "Panic, Adele. Pure panic."
Adele: ”Panic?” (1:22)

Theater marquee: "The Public Enemy" (1:26)

Junuh experiences a flashback to his experience in the war. (1:38)

Narrator: "Well, it seems like yesterday I used to see old guys like me wonder why they still bothered with this crazy game." (1:58)