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The Legend of Billie Jean

Helen Slater, Keith Gordon, Christian Slater, Peter Coyote, Martha Gehman, Yeardley Smith, Dean Stockwell, Barry Tubb, Richard Bradford
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Retail clerk Hubie tells Billie Jean, “You’re out of your mind.”
”You crazy bitch.” (0:13)

Hubie’s store owner father Mr. Pyatt tells Billie Jean, “Bet you drive them boys crazy...” (0:16)

Billie Jean’s friend Ophelia tells her and her brother Binx, referring to Hubie’s father, “It’s his word against a bunch of crazy kids.”
Billie Jean: “Are you out of your mind?” (0:19)

Binx asks Ophelia, “Could you hold it you idiot?” (0:24)

Mr. Pyatt tells police Lt. Ringwald, ‘You gotta be outta your mind using your own money.” (0:31)

A “victim” at a truck stop tells a television reporter, “They were all bombed out of their minds -- liquor, drugs...” (0:41)

Billie Jean and the others watch The Passion of Joan of Arc on television.
Lloyd tells the others, “She heard voices.” (0:42)

Putter tells the others, referring to Billie Jean, “She’s nervous, so she has to pee.” (0:44)

Billie Jean interrupts a man abusing his son. (0:58)

A girl tells her truck driver friend, “Have you lost your mind?” (1:00)

Newspaper headline: “Symptom or Sensation?” (1:10)

Billie Jean tells Lloyd, “Everything’s crazy now. “
Lloyd: ”That’s why you’ve got to be crazier than they are.”
”That’s not crazy.” (1:13)

Ringwald tells Lloyd’s district attorney father, “You’re crazy.’
”Those kids are the ones that are crazy.” (1:20)