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The Leisure Seeker

Helen Mirren, Donald Sutherland, Kirsty Mitchell, Christian McKay, Robert Pralgo
Ernest Hemingway | diazepam
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By telephone, professor Jane asks her mother Ella, "Mom, what is this craziness?"
Her retired teacher husband John tells Ella, ”That is the basis of Hemingway's narrative.”
John tells waitress Chantal, ”Prose that is poetry is Hemingway secret.” (0:09)

Jane tells her brother Will, "Hopefully mom hasn't lost her marbles now as well." (0:11)

Ella tells neighbors add an RV park, "I'm finally taking John to see Hemingway's house in Key West."
Neighbor: ”Didn't he commit suicide?” [Additional references to Ernest Hemingway too numerous to record throughout film.] (0:16)

Closeup of prescription bottle labeled "DIAZEPAM" (0:18)

Ella tells John, "It's so painful when you don't remember anything."
John: ”It's my damn memory.” (0:29)

John tells Ella, "You must be crazy." (0:38)

Ella asks John, "What are you, insane?" (0:40)

Ella tells the RV park manager, "You see, my husband suffers from memory loss." (0:47)

By telephone Ella tells Jane, referring to Will, "Oh your brother is a nervous Nelly." (0:53)

John cannot recall his wife’s name. (0:59)

John asks Ella, "Hey, are you crazy?" (1:04)

John tells Ella, "I want to understand where this fixation with boxers comes from." (1:08)

By telephone, Ella tells Jane, referring to lectures, "... always made me feel like an idiot."
”I think he's lying about being senile now.” (1:25)

Ella appears to give John an overdose of diazepam. (1:40)

Ella appears to prepare and drink an overdose of diazepam herself before arranging for exhaust fumes to fill the camper. (1:43)

Funeral for Ella and John in cemetery (1:45)