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The Lengths

Cody Driscoll, Joshua Mikel, Corsica Wilson
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Title: “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved...” -Jack Kerouac (0:00)

Charlie asks Tom, “Oh, is this a warning for suicide?” (0:06)

Charlie tells Tom, “We leave tonight, we can get there in time for you to crash the wedding and go all Graduate on her ass, dog.“ (0:09)

Charlie lights a joint. (0:11)

Charlie tells Tom, “I need to get high. I hate sober Charlie.”
”Ass, or grass. For your sake I hope it’s the grass.” (0:20)

Tom tells Charlie, “Crazy.”
Charlie, referring to Hannah, ”... she has a big old bag of weed.”
Charlie asks Hannah, “Are you crazy?” (0:20)

Hannah tells Tom, “I just say that so people don’t think I’m crazy.” (0:23)

Hannah tells Tom, “You need to get drunk.” (0:28)

Character on television: “Stop freaking out.” (0:40)

Charlie tells Tom, referring to Hannah, “... this one is a little crazier than I ever imagined.” (0:46)

Charlie smokes a joint.
Hannah: “Glad to see you’re enjoying my weed.” (0:54)

Chet tells Hannah and Tom, “I can already see you there, drunk, and just rocking out with the best of ‘em.” (0:57)

A partier tells Tom, “No matter how drunk I get, do not let that guy...” (0:59)

Chet gives Hannah a pill. They both wash them down with beer. (1:01)

By telephone his ex-fiance Lily tells Tom, “I’m actually kind of drunk right now.” (1:06)

Charlie tells Tom, referring to Ipecac, “Any addict’s best friend.” (1:08)

Tom tells Charlie, referring to Hannah, “You’re just saying that, ‘cause she’s out of weed.” (1:11)

Charlie tells Tom, referring to Hannah, “If I’m gonna spend one more night with her, I want to be drunk.” (1:19)