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The Lighthouse (2019)

Willem Dafoe, Robert Pattinson
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Lighthouse operator Thomas Wake tells new subordinate Ephraim Winslow, referring to the man Ephraim replaced, "Went mad, he did..." (0:22)

Ephraim hallucinates an octopus tentacle. (0:39)

Thomas tells Ephraim, "Ain't no crime to take a snort now." (0:43)

Ephraim finds a mermaid on the rocks. (0:49)

Ephraim tells Thomas, "We slept in, dead drunk."
Thomas: ”... you kept barking at me like a mad dog...”
”... I ain't wanting to be stranded here with some damn lunatic.” (0:53)

Thomas tells Ephraim, "You're drunk."
”You're drunk, or you won't be saying that.”
”You're drunk. You're drunk.”
Ephraim: ”I'm drunk?”
”You've been drunk since I first laid eyes on you.”
”You're drunker than a Virginie fence.” (1:00)

Ephraim tells Thomas, "You're only tolerable when you're drunk." (1:06)

Ephraim sees a severed head in a lobster trap. (1:09)

Ephraim, after admitting that his real name is Tommy Howard, tells Thomas, "You're getting me all liquored up." (1:12)

His naked double confronts Tommy. (1:17)

Thomas calls Tommy, "You crazy sonofabitch.”
Tommy tells Thomas, ”You smashed up the lifeboat." (1:19)

Tommy tells Thomas, referring to the man Tommy replaced and a scrimshaw mermaid, "Said he went mad. You made him mad with that charm."
Thomas: ”It's made ya mad, and I knew you was mad when you smashed up that lifeboat just now... You are so mad, you know not up from down... You're probably wondering through a grove of tag alders, like a frostbitten maniac talking to yourself...” (1:19)

Tommy tells Thomas, "I'm sick of your goddamned drunk... You're a goddamn, drunken, horse-shiting, short, shit liar."
Tommy reads entries in the logbook referring to himself: ”Drunk on duty.”
”You selfish bastard.”
Tommy hallucinates the real Winslow, the mermaid and others. (1:29)