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The Little Foxes

Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall, Teresa Wright, Richard Carlson, Patricia Collinge, Charles Dingle, Dan Duryea, Jessie Grayson, John Marriot, Carl Benton Reid
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Her brother Oscar tells aristocrat Regina, “I think you’ve gone crazy.” (0:22)

Bank clerk Leo tells his cotton merchant father Oscar, “My, Papa, you’re nervous this morning, nervous about Uncle Horace not coming home, I guess.”
”Papa, must be you’ve gone crazy.” (0:39)

Her husband Horace asks Regina, referring to his daughter Alexandra and her cousin: “Regina, what’s this crazy talk about Zan and Leo marrying?” (0:49)

Oscar’s brother Ben tells Oscar, referring to Horace, “He’s a sick man, but he ain’t a crazy one.”
Oscar: ”But suppose he is crazy.” (0:54)

Alexandra asks her writer friend David, “Are you crazy?” (1:11)

Alexandra’s Aunt Birdie appears drunk. (1:15)

Ben tells Oscar and Leo, “I always say to myself, I don’t like nervous people.” (1:26)

Regina asks Horace, “Do you think I’m crazy enough to believe what you’re saying.” (1:28)

Alexandra grieves the death of Horace. (1:44)

Regina tells Alexandra, “Don’t grieve too much.” (1:51)

Reference in Can You Ever Forgive Me?