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The Longest Day

John Wayne, Henry Fonda, Robert Mitchum, Rod Steiger, Peter Lawford, Robert Ryan, Sean Connery, Jeffrey Hunter, Mel Ferrer, Richard Dawson, Steve Forrest
Winston Churchill | Adolf Hitler | Rod Steiger | morphine
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One soldier tells another, "I don't think old Churchill trusts us." (0:11)

By telephone, Oberstleutnant Josef Priller tells Generalleutnant Wolfgang Häger, "The whole idea is absolutely idiotic."
”I tell you, you're all crazy.” (0:29)

British paratroop officer: "It's just possible that Rupert and his brothers will do the same thing to the Germans... confuse them..." (0:39)

Sergeant John H. Fuller: "Oh sure, you can call it one of them crazy, quickie wartime marriages..." (0:46)

By telephone, Gen. Oberst Alfred Jodl tells someone, "The fuhrer took a sedative."
A portrait of Hitler hangs on the wall. (1:38)

German officer: "We are going to lose the war because the glorious fuhrer has taken a sleeping pill..." (1:40)

By telephone, Priller asks Häger, "Where are the others, you idiots?" (1:47)

Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.: "The control boat must have been confused by the smoke from the naval bombardment." (1:56)

A reporter tells his homing pigeons, "Not towards the Germans, you idiots." (2:01)

German officer: "This is madness, madness, sheer madness." (2:16)

Commander Lovat tells soldier, "Don't be daft." (2:18)

Officer David Campbell tells a soldier, "A medic came along and gave me a shot of morphine." (2:51)