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The Mack

Max Julien, Richard Pryor, Roger E. Mosley, Don Gordon, Carol Speed, Juanita Moore, William Watson, George Murdock
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Police detective Hank tells ex-con Goldie, “Any problems at all: rape, murder, selling dope, robbery -- anything.”
”He’s selling dope. Why don’t you go get yourself a fix...” (0:12)

Goldie’s brother Olinga: “We have got to stop sacrificin’ our sisters to the streets and our brothers to the drugs.”
”That little brother that thinks it’s nice to be high, we’ve got to show him another alternative.” (0:18)

One pimp tells another, referring to prostitutes, “If they wake up one morning with some money, they’re subject to go crazy.” (0:21)

Goldie tells his friend Slim, “Now, I just can’t get it in my head how a bitch can... take a chance on... even gettin’ her arm broke by some sadistic fool...“
Slim: “I’m kinda drunk now...” (0:29)

Police sergeant Duncan tells a John, “Come on, I think you’re drunk.”
John: “Drunk? I told you I’ve just been robbed, and you tell me I’m drunk?” (0:38)

Thug: “Get your dope-pushin’ ass in that car.”
Hank’s partner Jed tells Hank, “There goes the best pusher we got.”
”My wind was better before I quit smoking.” (0:42)

Pimp Goldie tells his prostitutes, “In this family there is no room for confusion.” (0:47)

Goldie tells crime boss Fatman, “Now why’d you have these two idiots snatch me up here?”
Olinga tells Goldie, “Hey, man, don’t you realize in order for us to make this thing to work we’ve got to get rid of the... pushers...?”
Goldie: “I mean, you want to get rid of the pushers, I’ll help you...” (1:03)

Hank tells Duncan, “At this moment there are... drunks staggering around into innocent old ladies.” (1:11)

Sitting in church, Goldie recalls a sermon: “... a world of dope smokers... We’re gonna jump off the Bay Bridge...” (1:15)

Fatman asks Goldie, “You high on shit?”
Goldie: “No, I’m not high... I’m not high... Why should I be high?” (1:22)

Goldie finds his prostitute Diane dead with a needle mark in her arm. (1:27)

Slim, referring to Fatman: “Somebody shot him up with battery acid.”
Pretty Tony asks prostitute China Doll, “You out your... mind?” (1:30)

His mother dies, Goldie at her side. (1:35)

Goldie and Olinga grieve near their mother’s casket. (1:39)