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The Man from Snowy River

Kirk Douglas, Tom Burlinson, Terence Donovan, Sigrid Thornton, Tony Bonner
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Jim watches as his horse rancher father Henry dies. (0:07)

Graves of Henry and Jim’s mother Ellen, (0:08)

Miner Spur tells Clancy, “Sure sign of old age when you start hearin’ things.” (0:16)

Spur asks horseman Clancy, “You still obsessed with those sunlit plains?” (0:18)

Spur’s niece Jessica tells Jim, “I must remember that the next time you try to kill yourself.” (0:43)

Jessica’s aunt Rosemary asks Rosemary’s father Harrison, “Oh, when will you give up this obsession?” (0:50)

His ranch foreman Kane tells Harrison, “The men are drunk.” (0:53)

Spur tells Jim, “They said old Spur was, mad, huh? Mad!” (1:05)

Spur asks Jessica, “What’s the sense of being young if you can’t be impulsive now and then?” (1:08)

Rosemary tells Jessica, “... your father was in a rage...” (1:16)

Ranch hand Curly tells ranch hand Moss, “Bandicoot, you idiot.” (1:21)