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The Meddler

Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne, J.K. Simmons, Cecily Strong, Jerrod Carmichael, Jason Ritter, Billy Magnussen, Lucy Punch, Sarah Baker, Amy Landecker, Casey Wilson, Harry Hamlin, Laura San Giacomo, Michael McKean
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Screenwriter Lori tells her mother Marnie, referring to the bonsai, “I tried, but they’re, like, crazy delicate. It was crazy.”
Marnie: “I thought you gave up smoking cigarettes.” (0:03)

Lori's friend Emily: “Marnie, This is crazy generous.” (0:07)

Marnie tells Emily’s father-in-law Mark, “That’s crazy.” (0:09)

Lori tells Marnie, “That’s crazy.”
”I’ve been talking to my therapist about this, and I think it’s time that we set some boundaries.”
Marnie: ”I don’t want to be crossing anybody’s boundaries.” (0:12)

Marnie in session with Lori’s psychotherapist: “... tell her to stop smoking so much grass. I know she's in some stage of grief or something...”
”Well, I feel she should find some other way to feel better besides marijuana.”
Psychotherapist: “No, I mean how do you feel since your husband died?”
Marnie: “... I don't think I'm as stressed as Lori...” (0:14)

Marnie leaves a message for Lori: “... remind me to tell you what your therapist said.” (0:16)

Lori tells Marnie, “I'm going to kill myself.”
”It means I tried to book a session with my therapist to talk about my mother, and I couldn't because my mother was there.” (0:20)

Jillian tells Marnie, referring to Jillian's wife Dani, “She's a chef at Bouchon... and works crazy hours.”
Jillian: “Marnie, that's crazy.”
Marnie: “What's crazy?”
”It would be like Officer and a Gentleman.” (0:25)

Marnie leaves a message for Lori: “... the craziest thing happened.” (0:29)

A bridesmaid tells the others, “That's crazy.” (0:33)

Marnie in psychotherapy session. (0:35)

Marnie tells a patient, she might have said, “You're a therapist.” (0:37)

Marni asks Freddy, referring to the contents of a plastic bag, “Is that marijuana?”
She eats the contents. (0:40)

Marnie tells retired police officer Randy Zipper, “That's crazy.” (0:45)

Randy tells Marnie, referring to his chickens, “Turns out rock and roll makes ‘em lay eggs like crazy, but it does stress him out a little bit.” (0:49)

Randy tells Marni, referring to his daughter, “She's in a reha..., a program... Kept hoping one of those steps would lead her back here, but...” (0:51)

Lori’s friend Ben tells Marnie and Lori, “Yeah, and that's the first 20 minutes of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.” (1:00)

Lori asks Marnie, “Why are you so hyper?” (1:02)

Marnie tells Mark, “It’s crazy, yeah.” (1:22)

Lori tells Marnie, “It's probably just stress.”
”There’s something you should worry about.” (1:24)

Lori tells Marnie, “I miss Dad. I miss my dad.” (1:20)