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The Medusa Touch

Richard Burton, Lino Ventura, Lee Remick, Harry Andrews, Alan Badel, Marie-Christine Barrault
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Book on writer John Morlar’s shelf: "Psychiatry" (0:00)

Morlar’s neighbor Pennington tells police Inspector Brunel, "My wife is dead." (0:07)

Electroencephalogram (0:10)

Psychiatrist Dr. Zonfeld tells Brunel, referring to Morlar, "He’s a patient."
”He had delusions... In his case it began when a man he hated died of the measles. He believed he caused it.”
”... unfortunately his delusions were reinforced.”
”I have a patient now.”
”Most people are very sane about delusions. It’s only the deluded themselves who take their stories seriously.” (0:14)

Dr. Johnson tells Brunel, "That’s the EEG, his brain."
Policeman Hughes: ”Crazy.” (0:23)

His editor tells Morlar, "... there is this other bit that rather worries me." (0:26)

Sgt. Duff asks Brunel, "Oh, how did it go with the psychiatrist?" (0:32)

Student Parsons stutters. (0:34)

One of multiple flashbacks to sessions with Zonfeld. (0:38)

Brunel reads Morlar’s writing: "They worry about cracks in the West front." (0:39)

Duff tells Brunel, ”Two of the neighbors said Morlar felt responsible for his wife’s death.”
"Apparently suicide." (0:40)

Pennington tells Duff and Brunel, referring to his wife and Morlar, ”... my Grace would be alive today if it hadn't been for him.”
Pennington tells Grace, ”Now, for heaven sakes, stop panicking.”
Grace jumps to her death from the window. (0:41)

Barrister Morlar holds a pamphlet entitled "A Saner World"
Morlar: ”My Lord, the chief villainy of Mr. Lovelass’s pamphlet lies in his open admission that he would do what he could to make the world saner and more than humane that the world we live in.”
Morlar asks the court, ”... but where in that asylum of grotesques do we find framed the armament manufacturer’s checkbook...?” (0:45)

Brunel tells Johnson, referring to Morlar, "It’s what’s on that mind that worries me." (0:48)

Zonfeld tells Brunel, "No, Morlar didn’t profess to use hypnosis, and you can’t cause a school to burn or a motorcar to move with hypnosis." (0:54)

A palm reader tells Morlar, phrenology bust in background, "Don’t be nervous." (0:57)

Morlar, guessing Zonfeld’s response: "Delusions, my dear friend."
”Delusions, my dear fellow.”
”Doctor, when I get behind a wheel, I have an insane urge to kill.”
”Delusions, my dear friend, delusions, delusions, delusions.” (1:05)

Zonfeld tells Brunel, "Oh, but I have a patient due."
Brunel: ”The patient will wait.” (1:06)

Zonfeld tells Morlar, "I believe it might be useful if I gave you something to help you sleep tonight."
”I don’t want to be condescended to like some moron.”
”We create wealth, and we become obsessed with greed. We achieve power, and we go mad.”
”Help me, Zonfeld, before I go mad.” (1:14)

Duff tells Brunel, "Our victim was obviously a nut, and now it turns out his psychiatrist is one too." (1:19)

Electroencephalograph (1:20, 1:31, 1:42)

Morlar tells Zonfeld, referring to a cathedral, "They’re worried about cracks in the West front." (1:22)

By telephone, Morlar tells Zonfeld, "While you’re worrying about that billion dollar coffin striking the moon, spare a thought for the millions..." (1:23)

Zonfeld tells Brunel, "He sounded quite mad...”
“They’d say the madness was mine..."
Brunel: ”Then, we are mad together.” (1:24)

Brunel tells the Assistant Commissioner, "A hundred years ago, the idea of sending the human voice across oceans was madness."
Assistant Commissioner: ”Are you mad?” (1:28)

The church Dean tells Morlar, "... Her Majesty can’t be forced to change long laid plans, simply because a madman makes threats."(1:29)

The Assistant Commissioner tells Brunel, ”I could go to the home secretary, tell him there’s this maniac, three parts dead, sending out brain waves powerful enough to shatter cathedrals from two miles away.” (1:30)

Zonfeld lies dead with a syringe in her hand. (1:32)

Morlar tells the Assistant Commissioner, referring to Morlar, "His EEG went crazy during the evening..."
Assistant Commissioner, referring to Zonfeld: ”Suicide?”
Morlar: ”Watch, wait, hope we are insane.” (1:35)

Morlar wanders through a graveyard. (1:36)

Assistant Commissioner: "Ah, Brunel, no panic." (1:39)