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The Millionairess (1972)

Maggie Smith, Avril Angers, Tom Baker, Peter Barkworth, John Garrie, Charles Gray, Priscilla Morgan, Donald Pickering, James Villiers, Steven Beard, Stephanie Cole, Thora Hird, Patricia Routledge, Julie Walters
Sigmund Freud
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Millionairess Epifania tells attorney Julius, referring to her husband Alastair, “You will add that it was his conduct that drove me to commit suicide.”
Julius: ”But you have not committed suicide.”
Epifania: ”As I am about to take my own breath away, I have no time to spare for yours.”
Julius: “Oh, the suicide.”
”For the suicide.”
Epifania: “Do you mean you have so many clients driven to despair that you keep a prescription for them?”
”The prescription’s a harmless fraud?”
Julius: ”You say you’re going to commit suicide...”
Epifania: ”For advising me how to kill myself?”
”And you think I’m going to kill myself to make money for you?”
Julius: “I really can’t sympathize with suicide.”
”The prescription will cure everything.”
Epifania: ”Damn your prescription.” (0:02)

Epifania tells Julius, “You know, by instinct.”
”I want to punish myself... for marrying an imbecile.” (0:14)

Epifania tells her husband’s presumed mistress Polly, “But really, a man capable of flouncing out of the house when I was on the point of pardoning him... is capable of any imbecility.” (0:20)

Epifania’s friend Adrian tells Julius, “The variety of their advice and prescriptions convinces me that I’d better cure myself.”
Alastair tells Epifania, ”Do, before you drive us all crazy.”
Epifania: “Mr. Sagamore, when Alastair proposed to me he was to great an idiot to comprehend his own audacity.”
”This imbecile made 50,000 pounds...”
”... and your criminal instincts and the luck that attend the half-witted.” (0:25)

Alastair: “I met an American, and I told him that I was crazy about a woman...”
”The whole town went mad about the angry-eyed woman... I tell you I was drunk with it.” (0:31)

Epifania tells Adrian, “I thought you would enjoy sitting in this crazy out-of-the-way place, talking to me.”
Adrian: “Everything you have told me about your father convinces me that he was no doubt an affectionate parent and amiable enough to explain your tiresome father fixation, as Dr. Freud would call it.”
Adrian: “There is a mad woman here.”

An egyptian doctor tells Epifania, “I see no symptoms of any sickness about you.”
”You are shamming.”
”A father fixation, you say?”
”A psychological curiosity.”
”I see... insane egotism...”
”I have a mother fixation.” (0:50)

Tailor Joe tells his wife, referring to Epifania, “She’s dotty.” (1:07)

Epifania asks Adrian, “Were you drunk?” (1:22)

The Millionairess