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The Monster Squad

Andre Gower, Stephen Macht, Duncan Regehr, Stan Shaw, Tom Noonan, Robby Kiger, Brent Chalem, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank, Michael Faustino, Mary Ellen Trainor, Leonardo Cimino, Jon Gries
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Cemetery (0:01)

Young Phoebe tells her brother Sean and his friend Patrick, "It's in Rambo." (0:11)

The pilot tells his co-pilot, "I’m depressed." (0:12)

Sean tells Phoebe, "Prescription is drugs, which you're on if you think you're getting up here." (0:16)

His mother Emily asks Sean, "Now he's the one that fights Godzilla, right?"
Sean: ”That's Godzilla.” (0:17)

Shawn tells his detective father Del, “Well, Dad, some of the guys and me were maybe gonna go see Groundhog Day... tonight...”
Del: “Look, tomorrow night, you and I'll go see Groundhog Day."
”Marriage counselor.”
Sean: ”I thought you quit smoking.” (0:18)

A man tells a deputy, "I know it sounds crazy." (0:19)

The man turns into a werewolf. (0:22)

Del tells Emily, "Then I get a call from some nutcase who’s thinks he's a werewolf... Marriage counseling..." (0:28)

Patrick: "Sean, are you crazy?" (0:41)

Count Dracula tells the werewolf man, "I do regret the dosage, my friend." (0:47)

The man becomes a werewolf. (0:49)

Horace: "See, it's this whole death thing I'm not crazy about." (0:53)