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The Mosquito Coast

Harrison Ford, River Phoenix, Helen Mirren
River Phoenix
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Narrator Charlie, referring to his inventor father Allie: "He said the signs were everywhere, in the... gut worry..." (0:04)

Mr. Polska tells Allie he didn’t hire him to “fool around with crazy schemes and go off in my time inventing contraptions."
Allie answers his own question: ”Then I really would have been worried.” (0:09)

Reverend Spellgood tells Allie, referring to the Blue Jeans Bible, "It was designed by a psychologist." (0:19)

Allie tells his wife, referring to a man he met in a bar, "Drunken German." (0:24)

Allie tells his family, "It's like when my mother died." (0:31)

Allie describes New York City to Jeronimo resident Mr. Peaselee: "10 year old homicidal maniacs on every street corner." (0:35)

His wife becomes hysterical when she cannot find Allie. (1:36)

Reverend Spellgood’s daughter Emily asks Charlie, "Are you nuts or something?" (1:45)

Allie tells his family, "Don't worry." (1:48)

Charlie referring to Allie: "Now he was gone..." (1:54)