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The Most Dangerous Game

Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, Robert Armstrong, Leslie Banks, Noble Johnson, Steve Clemente, William B. Davidson, Dutch Hendrian
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Doc: "I’m getting nerves myself."
Man: ”I’ve got nerves too.” (0:02)

Count Zaroff tells shipwrecked author Robert “Bob” Rainsford, referring to the butler, "Ivan does not speak any language. He has the misfortune to be dumb." (0:11)

Count Zaroff tells Bob, referring to Bob's books, "Only in yours have I found a sane point of view."
Shipwrecked Martin Trowbridge: ”What do you mean sane?” (0:17)

Martin tells his sister Eve, drunkenly, "I'm perfectly sober." (0:23)

Zaroff tells Bob, "It is the natural instinct."
”When you have known that, you will have known ecstasy.” (0:23)

Eve tells Martin, "Don't worry." (0:27)

Eve tells Count Zaroff, referring to Martin, "You killed him. You killed my brother." (0:32)

Zaroff tells Bob, referring to Martin, "He was sober and fit for sport when I sent him out."
Bob: ”You raving maniac.” (0:33)

Zaroff tells Bob, "Only after the kill does man know the true ecstasy of love." (0:37)

Bob tells Eve, "We didn't each live through a shipwreck to let this crazy manhunter worry us."
”Now we've got to think of something to worry him.” (0:40)

Bob tells Eve, "It would stop that madman all right." (0:41)

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