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The Mule (2018)

Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest, Andy Garcia, Alison Eastwood, Taissa Farmiga, Ignacio Serricchio, Loren Dean, Victor Rasuk, Manny Montana
Drug Enforcement Administration | cocaine | methamphetamine
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Wedding guest Rico tells the bride’s horticulturist grandfather Earl Stone, “Weddings make everyone crazy.” (0:09)

Emilio tells Earl, “You’re crazy...” (0:12)

DEA Agent Bates tells his partner Trevino, “Jesus, it’s like the Star Wars cantina in there.” (0:16)

Bates tells cartel worker Luis Rocha, ”We’re here to make sure the cartel doesn’t think you work for the DEA.” (0:19)

His drug drop contact tells Earl, “You crazy...” (0:27)

Bates tells Rocha, “I mean, we found drugs... in your house... state and federal drug laws broken...” (0:27)

Earl finds packages of drugs in the back of his truck. (0:33)

Rocha tells Bates and Trevino, “Mules come in from various locations, loaded... Someone... removes the load, and returns it with the mule’s payment.” (035:)

Kingpin Laton tells handler Julio, referring to Earl, “... he could become a top mule.” (0:40)

Julio tells Earl, “Mules don’t talk.” (0:42)

Trevino tells Rocha, “Maybe don’t work with drug dealers.”
Rocha, referring to Earl: “Symbols for each of the mules along with symbols for their routes, dates, and cargo loads. There’s this new drug mule: Tata.” (0:52)

Bates tells Special Agent in Charge Carl, “Cartel’s top mule’s on his way to a drop.”
”They thought their mule was in an accident...” (0:58)

Bates tells Carl’s boss, “Well, there’s an alleged stash house...” (1:05)

Bates tells a police officer they got “A few bags of coke to lay out for the press...” (1:07)

Kingpin Gustavo tells Julio, “The DEA is cracking down.” (1:10)

Bates tells his superior, “From the wiretap we know where the mule’s going.” (1:16)

Bates tells Trevino, referring to two men in a truck, “Between the two of ‘em they’ve got no more than 3 grams of coke, guaranteed.” (1:17)

An agent asks a driver, “Do you have any drugs in the car?”
Driver: ”I don’t have any drugs, never had any drugs.” (1:18)

Bates tells a suspect, “It’s a felony to assault a DEA agent.”
”DEA agent”
Trevino, holding a small packet: “Yeah, it’s less than an ounce.” (1:22)

Bates tells Trevino, referring to the local PD, “Give them the half-ounce meth.” (1:23)

Bates tells Earl, “Jesus, I’m an idiot.”
Earl: “I put work in front of family... My daughter won’t even talk to me...” (1:24)

By telephone his granddaughter Ginny tells Earl, referring to herself, “What an idiot.” (1:28)

Earl tells his estranged wife Mary, “I’ve become a drug mule for the cartel, and I’ve got 305 kilos of cocaine sitting right in the back of my truck out there.” (1:33)

Memorial service for Mary (1:37)

By telephone, his thug tells Gustavo, referring to Earl, “He’s the best mule we have.” (1:40)