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The Myth of Fingerprints

Blythe Danner, Roy Scheider, Noah Wyle, Julianne Moore
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Warren describes a dream. Psychotherapy session? (0:02)

Warren’s friend Tom smokes a joint. (0:11)

His brother Jake tells Warren......"So you’re depressed."
”I just thought that that was maybe what was making you depressed...” (0:16)

Warren’s sister Mia asks her lover Elliot, "Is that your advice as a therapist."
”I thought therapists weren’t supposed to give advice.” (0:19)

Elliot tells Warren’s youngest sister Leigh, "I’m a therapist."
Psycho-” (0:26)

His old girlfriend Daphne tells Warren, "Don’t worry." (0:29)

Leigh tells Elliot, referring to rubbing feet, "It’s a big stress reliever."
”But you probably already know that, because you’re a shrink.” (0:44)

Mia tells Warren, "Why aren’t you your usual normal insecure depressed self?" (0:47)

Their father Hal mistakes his son Jake for his son Warren. (0:57)

Jake tells Warren, referring to Margaret, "She hates spiders." (1:00)

That thing could’ve kicked Charlotte’s ass. (1:01)

Her childhood friend Leonard asks Mia, "Did you know if you stand on your head twice a day for two minutes, your memory will improve." (1:08)

Mia asks Hal, "Are you drunk?"
Hal: ”Let’s all go in the next room and get drunk.” (1:14)