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The Palm Beach Story

Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea, Mary Astor, Rudy Vallee, William Demarest, Robert Warwick, Sig Arno, Robert Dudley, Franklin Pangborn
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The maid faints. (0:00)

The maid has fainted. (0:01)

When she sees a pair of legs break through a closet door, the maid faints. (0:01)

Entrepreneur Tom Jeffers asks his wife Geraldine, "... who are all these men who are gonna faint at your feet?"
Gerry: ”You’re just plastered.” (0:17)

Gerry writes a note to Tom, "Just because you got me soused last night doesn’t alter the logic of the situation." (0:21)

Tom tells Gerry, "You’ve just got a hangover." (0:24)

Fellow passenger John D. Hackensacker III asks Gerry, "Not that car full of drunks...?" (0:45)

Hackensacker tells Gerry, "I’m not the crazy one in the family." (0:50)

Hackensacker asks Gerry, referring to Tom, "A drunkard, huh?"
”Did he beat you?” (0:53)

Hackensacker tells his sister, The Princess Centimillia, "You know, Maud, somebody meeting you for the first time, not knowing you were cracked, might get the wrong impression." (0:59)

Maud asks Gerry, referring to her brother, "Did you have to get him drunk, or how did you do it?" (1:00)

Hackensacker tells Gerry, "I’m madly in love with you." (1:08)

Maud tells Tom, "Of course I’m crazy..." (1:10)

Gerry tells Tom, "I know I’m an idiot, but..." (1:17)

Gerry tells Hackensacker, "You know how women like sympathy." (1:24)