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The Pawnbroker

CastRod Steiger, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Brock Peters, Jaime Sánchez, Thelma Oliver, Marketa Kimbrell, Baruch Lumet, Juano Hernandez, Linda Geiser, Nancy R. Pollock, Raymond St. Jacques, John McCurry, Charles Dierkop, Eusebia Cosme, Warren Finnerty, Jack Ader, Marianne Kanter
Year released1965
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Pawnshop employee Jesus: "You worry... I don't worry, Mama." (0:09)

Watching thugs beat a man triggers flashbacks to traumatic events in a Nazi concentration camp for pawnbroker Sol Nazerman. (0:31, 0:42, 1:07, 1:28, 1:43)

A pedestrian who had walked in front of Sol’s car asks Sol, "What are you, a nut or something, you moron?" (0:32)

Gangster Tangee tells Jesus, "Don't get uptight." (0:33)

Sol tells Tessie, "You're being an hysterical woman." (0:47)

Ms. Birchfield tells Sol, referring to her husband, "He died." (0:51)

Jesus: "You worry me when you look like that, Mr. Nazerman." (0:54)

A customer tells Sol, "If Socrates himself was on the very borderline of drama, and look at Baudelaire... Baudelaire..." (0:55)

By telephone, his sister-in-law Bertha tells Sol, referring to her father, "Mendel: he’s dead" (1:04)

Sol tells Ms. Birchfield, referring to memories, "They keep rushing in... Today is an anniversary..."
”Everything that I loved was taken away from, and I didn’t die.” (1:23)

A customer tells Sol, "You're crazy... You're flipping your wig. You're out of your mind, for sure." (1:33)

Sol, at Jesus’ side, reacts to Jesus’ death. (1:49)

Sol forces his hand onto a desktop spindle. (1:52)

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