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The Perfect Family

Kathleen Turner, Emily Deschanel, Jason Ritter
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Her girlfriend Angela tells Shannon, "No caffeine." (0:06)

Shannon's mother Eileen prays, "Lord Jesus, please, help our son Frank, Jr. to stop being an idiot and go back to his wife and children." (0:13)

Eilleen answers fireman Frank, Jr., "Because if you want marriage counseling, Monsignor Murphy isn't very good at it." (0:15)

Eileen tells Shannon, "Oh, if Fiona Doyle's obese daughter can get a man, well so can you."
"You're talking crazy." (0:19)

Eileen asks Frank's sister Mary, "Like the Al-Anon meeting where that woman went on about hiding money from her drunken husband in her douche bag?" (0:22)

Shannon tells Eileen, "I was going stir crazy." (0:35)

Eileen tells Father Joe, "Frank's a drunk." (0:38)

Frank: "You liked it before Eileen, when I was drunk, running around." (0:44)

Frank tells Eileen, "There's nothing wrong with being in AA."
Eileen: "I don't want the committee to know you're an alcoholic."
Frank: "There's no one in this town who's unaware that I'm an alcoholic."
Eileen: "Are you crazy?" (0:48)

Frank asks Frank, Jr., "What're you doing drunk in the middle of the afternoon?" (0:49)

Frank tells Eileen, "I'm sober now." (0:53)

Father Joe tells Eileen, "I asked my sponsor if I could use the room to meet with you." (1:03)

Frank tells Eileen, "You married an alcoholic."
"That night was the first time I tried to get sober."
"I got a meeting to go to." (1:13)