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The Perils of Pauline (1947)

Betty Hutton, John Lund, Bill DeWolfe, William Demarest
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Actress Julia Gibbs tells actor Michael Farrington, "Idiot!" (0:17)

Acting, Julia tells Michael, "You drunken, shameless Scott." (0:21)

A movie theater manager tells Michael, "That’s Pearl White going over Niagara Falls. Every time she does it, some jittery dame passes out cold." (0:34)

Actress Pearl White tells her old actor friend Timmy Timmons, "Oh, don’t worry, mister, we’re only making a..." (0:36)

Director George “Mac” McGuire: "Now, Julia, now quit worrying, will ya?... quit worrying, will ya?" (0:42)

Pearl tells Michael, "Oh, well, I wouldn’t worry." (0:44)

Michael faints, followed by Pearl. (0:46)

Michael tells Pearl, "Here we are with a life expectancy of maybe 30 minutes, and I find myself worrying about keeping you dry."
Pearl: ”That’s the nicest worrying I’ve ever heard of.” (0:47)

Michael tells Pearl, "I’ve lost my identity."
Pearl: ”Mike, you’re drunk.”
Mike: ”Look, the only reason I got into this lunacy was to help you.” (0:52)

Julia asks Pearl, "Why don’t you stop pitying yourself, child?" (1:01)

Julia tells Pearl, "It’s madness." (1:08)

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