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The Pier

Karl Johnson, Gerard Hurley, Lili Taylor, Mary Foskett, David O'Reilly, Rory D'Alton, Donal Sweeney, Con Downing, Frank Driscoll, John D'Alton, Pauline Cotter, Niall Carey
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Jack asks an old woman, "Have you lost your mind?" (0:04)

Jack tells his father Larry, "You're a... idiot, you know that?" (0:05)

Grace tells Jack, "A week ago all I knew about Ireland was a few depressing songs..." (0:08)

Jack tells Grace, referring to Larry, "He's kind of daft..." (0:10)

Larry tells Jack, "Come on, you idiot shite." (0:12)

Larry tells Jack, "You're a lunatic." (0:16)

ack tells Grace, "Oh yeah, after my mother died my aunt was obsessed with the idea of me becoming a step dancer." (0:18)

Larry tells Jack, "Aw shag off, you dafty little bollix." (0:31)

Young Tommy tells Jack, "Still, our father's kind of a bit daft, drinking too much." (0:34)

Jack tells Larry, "You idiot." (0:37)

Larry tells Jack, "All this business makes me a little nervous." (0:39)

Larry tells Jack, "I don't believe you, you drunkard pup you." (0:42)

Jack tells Larry, "Enough with the painkillers, all right?" (0:48)

Larry cries by his wife's grave at the graveyard." (0:50)

June tells Jack, referring to Larry, "The man was daft." (1:08)

Jack throws Larry's ashes into the sea. (1:09)

Jack tells Tommy and Jimmy, "I suppose you think, oh, we'll let Jack the idiot do it, right, while the two of you are galloping around West Cork like a couple of idiots."
He tells a man, "Frank, stop, you're driving me crazy." (1:10)

June tells Jack, referring to Larry, "... the man was daft." (1:13)

Jack tells Tommy, referring to the bicycle, "Drives the chicks crazy, right?" (1:15)

Jack tells Grace, "I hope this doesn't freak you out..."
"I don't want to get you freaked out." (1:18)