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Military analyst Daniel Ellsberg and his associates walk past posters for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Joanna, and The Blob. (0:07)

Howard: “Osnos has something on G.I.s buying heroin in Saigon...“ (0:17)

Publisher Katharine Graham tells Fritz, referring to her husband, “It wasn't an accident, Phil’s suicide.” (0:24)

Katharine tells editor Ben Bradlee, “I don't need the metaphor.”
”Oh, and that drunken birthday cruise on the Sequoia you told me about.” (0:36)

By telephone reporter Ben Bagdikian tells Harry at Rand, “They've got conscience and conviction, but they've also got ego.” (0:44)

Katharine tells Abe Rosenthal, “I'm just so nervous.”
Abe: ”If you're nervous, and you need distraction...” (0:44)

Legal counsel Roger Clark asks Bradlee, “Is that a metaphor for Vietnam?” (1:10)

Bradlee tells Bagdikian, “The Supreme’s granted cert.” (1:40)

Katharine asks Bradlee, “And you're not worried?” (1:47)