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The Pride of the Yankees

Gary Cooper, Teresa Wright, Walter Brennan, Dan Duryea, Babe Ruth, Elsa Janssen, Ludwig Stössel, Virginia Gilmore, Bill Dickey, Ernie Adams, Pierre Watkin, Harry Harvey
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A yankees manager tells sports writer Sam Blake, referring to baseball talent Lou Gehrig, “He’s nutty enough to play with the Brooklyn Dodgers. (0:20)

A baseball strikes Gehrig in the head. (0:35)

Sam tells Gehrig’s wife Eleanor, “Most women, when their husbands are late, they gotta worry, ‘cause he’s either drunk or run into a dame or something.”
”... and don’t get hysterical...”
Eleanor: ”I’m not hysterical.”
Sam: ”You almost made me have a nervous breakdown.” (1:26)

Sam tells his colleague and competitor Hank, “Well, any facts Ruth dreams up will be topped by Gehrig without borrowing your opium pipe.” (1:32)

His mother asks, “Louie, are you crazy?”
Gehrig’s father tells Eleanor, “You’ve gone crazy maybe.” (1:35)

Reference in Sleepless in Seattle