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The Projectionist

CastChuck McCann, Ina Balin, Rodney Dangerfield, Harry Hurwitz
Year released1971
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Sign: “Priory Cemetery
Werewolf (0:17)

Projectionist Chuck tells the candy man, referring to theater manager Renaldi, “He’s out of his frickin’ skull, that’s why.” (0:25)

Theater poster: “Barbarella” (0:29)

Clips with Adolf Hitler (0:30, 0:48, 1:00, 1:03, 1:04, 1:09)

Clip from Casablanca (0:33, 0:46)

Marquee: “Star!" (0:38)

Marilyn Monroe (0:39)

Reference to The Hustler (0:42)

and the Fifth Horseman Is Fear
A Pistol for Ringo
The Pink Jungle
In Enemy Country
That Woman
Gun Street” (0:45)

Clip from The Maltese Falcon (0:46)

Posters in Chuck’s apartment:
A Night at the Opera
Easter Parade
The Bohemian Girl
A Chump at Oxford
A Night in Casablanca
They Made Me a Criminal
Across the Pacific” (0:49)

Narrator: “Animal urges rationalized by a sophisticated intelligence drive him into acts of brutality and folly...” (1:08)

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