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The Proposition

Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, Emily Watson, Richard Wilson, Tom Budge, David Wenham, John Hurt, David Gulpilil, Leah Purcell, Tommy Lewis
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Bounty hunter Jellon Lamb tells outlaw Charlie Burns, “It appears that I am a little scuppered.” (0:21)

Charlie tells his brother Arthur, referring to thug Samuel Stoat, “He’s a vicious little cretin.” (0:43)

His boss Eden Fletcher asks Capt. Morris Stanley, “Are you completely out of your mind?” (0:51)

Stanley’s wife Martha faints at the site of the flogging of Charlie’s brother Mike. (1:01)

One man tells another, “You pissed on me, you idiot.” (1:05)

Lamb tells Charlie, “I was drunk. You only got me because I was drunk. But I’m not drunk now.” (1:14)