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The Pumpkin Eater

Anne Bancroft, Peter Finch, James Mason, Janine Gray, Richard Johnson, Maggie Smith, Eric Porter
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Jake asks his wife Jo, "Do you think you're going to get over this period of your life, because I find it very depressing?" (0:04)

Philpot tells Joe, "I've been told I'm frigid." (0:16)

One of the boys tells Jo, referring to Philpot, "Dad had to catch her yesterday when she fainted."
Jo: ”Fainted?”
One of the girls: ”Is this how you faint?” (0:17)

Philpot tells Jo, "Of course you're so intelligent and everything." (0:19)

Jo asks Jake, "Does Philpot faint much? Does she do a lot of fainting?"
Jake: ”Why should she faint? What's she going to faint about?”
Jo: ”The children said she fainted.” (0:19)

Jake asks Jo, "You should I go and see a psychiatrist about it?" (0:22)

A doctor tells Jake, referring to Jo, "I think perhaps you should see a psychiatrist." (0:30)

Jake tells Jo, "We've arranged for a good psychiatrist for you to go and see." (0:34)

Jo meets with the psychiatrist. (0:38, 0:45)

Jake tells Jo, referring to his friend Bob’s wife Beth Conway, "She was dead drunk." (0:50)

Bob tells Jake, "She's an intelligent woman, your wife."
Beth: ”I think you look very intelligent.”
Bob: ”I like intelligent women.”
”That's what makes them intelligent...” (0:38)

Her father dies with Jo at his side. (1:02)

Jo’s mother grieves. She tells Jo, “ You must be mad.” (1:03)

"You've been treated for depression. The psychiatrist says that, he advises that, medically for your health's sake, you shouldn't have this child." (1:12)

Man: "I have in fact already had a long talk with your doctor and your psychiatrist, Mr. Ingram." (1:12)

Bob tells Jo, referring to Jake and Beth, "He's crazy about her, ducky. He's mad about her." (1:22)

Jake tells Jo, referring to Bob, "He's crazy. He's a madman." (1:26)

Joe tells her second husband, "That means you must still be mad about me." (1:34)

Burial of Jake’s father in a cemetery (1:39)