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The Rapture

Mimi Rogers, David Duchovny, Darwyn Carson, Patrick Bauchau, Marvin Elkins, Stephanie Menuez, Sam Vlahos, Rustam Branaman, Scott Burkholder, Carole Davis
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Randy tells telephone operator Sharon, “I think you’re depressed, and I think you should see a therapist.” (0:14)

Angie explains her tattoo: “Just got drunk one night.”
Angie’s husband: “She was drunk.” (0:19)

Sharon places the muzzle of revolver against her chin as if to shoot herself dead. (0:34, 1:16)

Randy: “Sharon, it’s just a drug... Instead of doing heroin, you’re doing God...” (0:46)

Randy tells his employee Louis, “We took you to a counselor.”
”I took you to an AA meeting.” (0:51)

Wake for Randy (0:53)

Sharon buries her daughter Mary. (1:17)

Sharon tells Deputy Foster, “I was going to kill myself, too, but you can’t get into heaven if you kill yourself. You can get into heaven if somebody else kills you, but not if you kill yourself.” (1:21)

Mary, accompanied by two angels, visits Sharon in her jail cell. (1:26)