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The Ritz

Jack Weston, Rita Moreno, Jerry Stiller, Kaye Ballard, F. Murray Abraham, Treat Williams, Dave King, Bessie Love, Tony De Santis, Ben Aris, John Ratzenberger
Elvis Presley | Marilyn Monroe | Ronald Reagan
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Funeral for Carmine and Vivian’s father (0:03)

Guest Claude tells hotel clerk Abe, “I went berserk and kicked his door open...” (0:06)

Businessman Gaetano answers Abe, “My maniac brother-in-law who’s gonna kill me...” (0:08)

Abe asks Chris, “Ronald Reagan?”
Chris tells Gaetano, ”I’ve got a rotten memory that way.” (0:09)

Gaetano reads the guest register: “Ronald Reagan?
”He answers Abe: “My maniac brother-in-law.” (0:15)

Poster of Elvis Presley (0:18)

Gaetano tells Claude, “I think there’s some confusion here.”
”In fact, I know there is some confusion here.” (0:19)

By telephone Detective Brick tells Carmine, referring to performer Googie, “One of those transvestites is standing right next to me.” (0:21)

Poster of Marilyn Monroe (0:23, 1:08)

Gaetano, to himself: “Don’t get hysterical.” (0:28)

Gaetano, to himself: “I knew I wasn’t a crazy person.” (0:30)

Guest Chris asks Gaetano, “What are you, a social worker or something?”
Gaetano: “I’m confused.”
“You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but...” (0:32)

Brick tells Carmine by phone: “He’s here again, that transvestite.” (0:34)

Googie tells Gaetano, “I picket that show until they was crazy.” (0:38)

Claude tells Googie, “You could use a good psychiatrist, mister.”
”I haven’t seen such tacky drag since the Princeton varsity show.”
Googie: ”Tacky drag?” (0:48)

Carmine, talking to Chris, calls himself, “An enraged brother...” (0:56)

Public address announcement: “Tonight’s double feature in our mini cinema is All About Eve and A Star Is Born.” (0:57)

Chris asks Gaetano, “Oh, yeah, that bother-in-law of yours, that maniac?”
Brick tells Gaetano, “It’s that transvestite again.”
Googie asks Gaetano, “You thought I was a drag queen?” (0:58)

Carmine, referring to Googie: “One of them goddamn ‘transvestitites,’ sure you are.” (1:03)

Performers in drag (1:11, 1: 17)

Carmine, referring to his sister Vivian (Gaetano’s wife); “Those crazy fairies... crazy fairies...” (1:13)

Claude tells Gaetano, referring to Carmine, “That’s who that maniac was.” (1:13)

Carmine tells Googie, “One more word out of you, you goddamn transvestitite.” (1:19)

Gaetano tells Vivian, referring to the cab driver, “All I remember about him is his stutter.”
Vivian: “His stutter?”
Gaetano: ”Yeah, he stuttered and smoked pot.” (1:24)

Carmine in drag (1:28)