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The Room

Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Juliette Danielle, Philip Haldiman, Carolyn Minnott, Robyn Paris, Mike Holmes, Kyle Vogt, Greg Ellery, Dan Janjigian
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Banker Johnny tells his fiance Lisa, referring to his employer, “They’re crazy.”
Johnny tells Lisa, “You must be crazy.”
”I’m wasted.” (0:22)

Lisa tells her mother Claudette, referring to Johnny, “He didn’t get his promotion, and he got drunk last night, and he hit me.” (0:28)

Neighbor Denny tells Lisa, referring to drug dealer Chris-R, “I bought some drugs off of him.”
Lisa: “What kind of drugs, Denny?”
Claudette: ”How in the hell did you get involved with drugs?”
Lisa: “What kind of drugs do you take?”
Claudette tells Johnny, “He’s taking drugs.”
”A mistake, that he takes drugs.” (0:35)

Johnny tells Denny, referring to his best friend Mark, “He’s cranky today.” (0:40)

Lisa tells her friend Michelle, referring to Johnny, “He got drunk last night... and he hit me.” (0:42)

Lisa asks Johnny, “Why are you so hysterical?”
”You drive me crazy.” (0:46)

Johnny tells his friend Peter, “But you are a psychologist.”
Mark: “Women just confuse me... It’s driving me crazy.”
Johnny: “Peter, you always play psychologist with us.” (0:52)

Peter finds Mark on the roof smoking a joint: “You look depressed.”
Mark: ”I just feel like running... killing myself, something crazy like that.”
Peter: “What are you, nuts?”
Peter: “I’m so depressed.”
Peter, referring to Lisa: “She’s a sociopath.” (0:58)

Mark asks Lisa, “Are you crazy?” (1:19)

Michelle tells Lisa, “You don’t understand the psychological impact of what you’re doing here.” (1:22)

Johnny places the muzzle of a pistol in his mouth and pulls the trigger, killing himself. Grief overcomes Lisa and Mark, and later Denny, when they discover his lifeless body. (1:33)