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The Scarlet Empress

Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe, Louise Dresser, C. Aubrey Smith, Gavin Gordon, Olive Tell, Ruthelma Stevens, Davison Clark, Erville Alderson
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Joanna tells her husband Prince August, “You make me nervous.” (0:05)

Title: “... new blood was being carried to the Kremlin to temper the madness of the holy Russian dynasty.” (0:18)

Title: “... Sophia Frederica was... pushed like a broodmare into the preparations for her marriage to a royal half-wit.” (0:27)

His aunt, Empress Elizaveta, tells Grand Duke Peter, “You’ll make a fine emperor someday, you idiot.” (0:43)

Elizaveta tells Sophia, “I’d hoped by bringing you to Russia to make a man of that half-wit.” (0:56)

Arch-Episcopope Simeon tells Sophia, referring to Elizaveta, “Soon she will be no more, pour soul, and another maniac will become our emperor.” (1:09)

Title: “In rainy weather it was the custom of the imbecilic Grand Duke to exercise his Hessian troops indoors.” (1:11)

Bells toll the death of Elizabeta. (1:17)

Peter tells dead Elizabet, “In another month not a soul will mourn for you.” (1:18)