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The Science of Sleep

CastGael García Bernal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alain Chabat, Miou-Miou, Pierre Vaneck, Emma de Caunes, Aurélia Petit, Sacha Bourdo, Stephane Metzger
Year released2006
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Illustrator Stéphane, dreaming: “I’m sorry, Dad, but you’re dead.” (0:03)

His new coworker Guy tells Stéphane, “We do... the name of the cretin who sends out this crappy calendar.” (0:09)

Stéphane, presenting an idea for a calendar: “Each month has its own most infamous disaster event engraved in the collective memory.” (0:12)

Stéphane’s new boss Monsieur Pouchet jumps from his window. (0:15)

Guy tells Stéphane, “Your predecessor committed suicide two weeks ago.” (0:26)

Stéphanie tells Stéphane, “It’s kind of retarded in a way.” (0:32)

Stéphane asks Stéphanie, referring to her friend Zoé, “Is it only when she gets a bit drunk?” (0:47)

His mother Chrisitine’s friend Gérard tells Stéphane & Christine, “You got slow wave sleep, deep sleep, dream sleep.” (0:51)

In a dream Stéphane tells Martine, “I think people empathize with what I do...” (0:54)

Stéphanie asks Stéphane, “Are you out of your mind?” (0:57)

Guy tells Stéphane, “Schizophrenic is the word you’re looking for.”
Stéphane: “... not every man is a sex maniac...” (0:59)

Stéphane: “She’s dumping me because I am a cheap drug dealer, and I am a drug dealer because she wants to leave me.” (1:18)

Stéphane tells Guy, referring to Stéphane, “It’s as if her synapses was married directly to her fingers.” (1:22)

Guy tells Stéphane, referring to Stéphanie, “She will drive you crazy...” (1:27)

Stéphane replays Guy’s words: “She will drive you crazy...”
Stéphane: “She will drive me crazy.” (1:28)

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