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The Sea of Trees

Matthew McConaughey, Naomi Watts, Ken Watanabe, Katie Aselton, Jordan Gavaris
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Arthur pours a handful of pills from a prescription bottle and starts to swallow them one at a time. (0:10)

Arthur sees Takumi’s lacerated wrists. (0:24)

Takumi tells Arthur, “I didn’t want to live.” (0:26)

Takumi asks Arthur, “So... why end your life?” (0:29)

Arthur sees a poster for An American in Paris on his wife Joan’s computer screen. (0:32)

Arthur tells Joan, “That’s an alcoholic.”
Joan: ”Funny how the so-called alcoholic’s the one who pays the mortgage.”
Arthur: “You and me, let’s have a toast to the reason that you, Miss Joan Brennan, are a drunk... I’m done trying to make amends with you.” (0:35)

Arthur and Takumi find the body of a man hanging by his neck. (0:44)

Arthur tells Takumi, referring to Joan, “She was an alcoholic, a functioning alcoholic, which supposedly made it okay...”
”I didn’t come here because of the grief.” (1:04)

Arthur views a Website describing Aokigahara Forest in Japan as “... a popular place for suicides... the most common means... were hanging and drug overdoses.” (1:14)

Joan tells Arthur, “I’m just nervous.” (1:19)

Arthur tells Joan, “You’re crazy.” (1:22)

Memorial for Joan (1:30)

A woman asks Arthur, “Do you still want to end your life?” (1:34)