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The Secret of Santa Vittoria

Anthony Quinn, Anna Magnani, Virna Lisi, Hardy Krüger, Sergio Franchi, Renato Rascel, Giancarlo Giannini, Eduardo Ciannelli, Valentina Cortese
Adolf Hitler
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Angela tells Fabio, referring to wine merchant Italo Bombolini, "He’s going to kill himself." (0:08)

Italo’s wife Rosa tells her daughter Angela, referring to Italo, "If he wants to kill himself, let him." (0:09)

Italo tells Fabio, "Oh, I must have been crazy to come up here."
Fabio: ”Who was the idiot who painted it in the first place?” (0:10)

Rosa tells Angela, referring to Italo, "The old fool will kill himself."
”He’s... drunk, drunk, as always.” (0:14)

Town official Fabrizzio Vittorini tells official Copa, "If that crazy mob has chosen Bombolini, then you’ll have to deal with Bombolini."
Copa: ”He’s an idiot.”
Vittorini: ”He is an idiot.” (0:17)

Rosa tells Italo, "You drunken clown, go away from here..."
”I open no gates to a mob of idiots.” (0:21)

Rosa rages at Italo: "A drunk elected by a mob."
”You’re a bum drunk.” (0:24)

Italo tells Fabio and Italo’s friend Hugo Babbaluche, referring to Rosa, "She said that tomorrow when the town has sobered up, they’ll want me to resign." (0:26)

Rosa tells Angela, referring to Italo, "Drunk. Drunk every day..." (0:36)

Vintner Vines tells Italo, "This is a nervous wine." (0:43)

Man: "You are crazy, Italo." (0:47)

Tufa asks Caterina, "How long since your husband was killed?" (0:56)

Man on council: "When the Germans came, all I could hear was Sir, Sir, Sir... everything but Heil Hitler." (1:15)

Italo tells German Capt. Sepp von Prum, "We Italians always try to look at the bright side, unless we are depressed." (1:32)

Italo asks Rosa, "What, are you drunk?"
Referring to Fabio: ”... come down and kill him, or kill yourself...”
Italo: ”Don’t worry, Rosa.” (1:35)

Rosa tells Italo, "I was blind until the day you came in out of the rain soaking wet, and fell into bed, drunk." (1:47)

German soldiers search a cemetery. (1:50)

Italo asks Hugo, "What, are you crazy?" (1:52)

Caterina tells Prum, "You’re in pursuit of an illusion." (1:53)

Italo: "Heil Hitler."
Hugo: ”Heil Hitler.” (2:13)