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The Sender

Kathryn Harrold, Zeljko Ivanek, Shirley Knight, Al Matthews, Marsha A. Hunt, Angus MacInnes, Jana Shelden, Manning Redwood, John Stephen Hill, Monica Buford, Janet Brandes, Peter Carlisle, Barbara Coles, Elaine Ives-Cameron, Tony Cyrus, Patrick Field, Miki Iveria, Sara Mason
chlorpromazine | Thorazine | Ectonustim Series 6+
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A young man fills his jacket with rocks and walks into a lake trying to drown himself. (0:04)

Staff observe patients in a psychiatric hospital day room. Another staff member tells Dr. Denman, “We’ve got an attempted suicide case in admission...” (0:06)

A staff member answers psychiatrist Dr. Gail Farmer, referring to the patient, "He was conscious." (0:07)

Farmer tells patient John Doe #83, "I’m a psychiatrist. It says in the report you tried to drown yourself."
#83 answers, ”The mental hospital.”
Farmer: ”A state mental hospital...”
”... this other guy here, he thinks he might be Jesus...”
”Then why didn’t you jump off a bridge or in front of a train...?” (0:08)

#83 answers another patient, "My memory."
Patient: ”Memory? Look, don’t worry about the Messiah. He lost his marbles in India... I’m saner than all of them.” (0:12)

A nurse tells Farmer, referring to patient John, "He’s been guillotined, says he can’t move his head; it will fall off."
Farmer tells the nurse, referring to medication for John: ”Then we’ll have to inject it.” (0:14)

Farmer tells a policeman, "It’s a patient of mine." (0:20)

By telephone, Farmer tells an operator at the hospital, "A patient of mine, a suicidal patient, walked off the locked ward tonight." (0:20)

#83 talks to his mother Jerolyn. (0:23)

Psychiatrist Dr. Denman tells Farmer, referring to #83, "I’ve given him a sedative. Do you think we should schedule him for shock?"
”He’s severely depressed, practically catatonic.”
Farmer: ”He’s amnesiac. I’m trying to loosen his memory, not knock it out.”
Denman: ”For what, another suicide attempt?”
”Gail, I know your views on shock therapy, but in every other hospital I know electroshock is the treatment of choice for suicidal depression.”
Farmer: ”You shock a patient, you punish him.”
Denman: ”And he becomes accessible to psychotherapy... He’s not going to kill himself.” (0:24)

Glasses nurse: "Dr. Farmer, did you want me to give the Messiah his injection?" (0:26)

When she opens the refrigerator, Farmer sees dozens of cockroaches. She answers Denman, “The Thorazine.”
Denman sees no roaches: ”There’s the Thorazine.” (0:26)

A woman waiting in Farmer’s office tells her, "I’m here about your patient, the one that's driving you crazy. My name is Jerolyn."
”Tell me you haven’t been seeing things.”
After Farmer has turned away the woman disappears. (0:27)

Farmer sees Jerolyn outside. (0:30)

After driving far from the hospital, Farmer sees #83 standing outside. After he gets into a truck she had followed, it chases her, with no visible driver. (0:33)

Farmer tells Denman, referring to #83, "I thought I was going crazy... I was seeing what he was seeing."
”My God, that crazy woman.” (0:35)

Farmer tells #83, "People read your mind. They think your thoughts..."
#83: ”You’re crazy.” (0:39)

Denman tells Farmer, "Patient comes into the hospital, depressed, suicidal... In your eagerness to empathize you even start seeing things through his eyes."
”Guilt would be neurotic.”
Farmer: ”And you think I’m just flat-out crazy.” (0:39)

Farmer hallucinates blood on her face and hands, coming from the faucet, the broken mirror and wall. (0:41)

Farmer, drawn to another room, finds #83 cutting his wrist. She tells Denman, “I knew he was trying to kill himself. He sent me a warning.” (0:42)

A nurse injects the hand of #83. (0:43)

The nurse places electrodes on the forehead of #83.
When Denman activates the ”ECTONUSTIMelectroconvulsive therapy device, he and the other staff fly through the air, blood flows from the neck of patient John... (0:42)

Farmer sees dozens of rats crawling over the body of #83 in her bedroom. Chaos reigns at the hospital. (0:51)

#83 tells Farmer, "I died." (0:53)

Farmer tells #83, "Don’t worry." (0:58)

Television reporter: "... man recently admitted to their ward suffering from amnesia." (1:00)

Another physician tells Denman, referring to #83, "You can’t just keep feeding him barbiturates. He’ll go into a coma."
Denman: ”The longer we keep him under, the more likely he is to hallucinate when he wakes up.”
”Every time he hallucinates we ablate that area.”
Farmer: ”How about the kleptomaniacs? How did you cure the kleptomaniacs?”
Woman reading encephalogram: ”Dr. Denman, we’re getting some beta.”
Denman: ”Dr. Farmer, I know how you feel about this patient.” (1:05)

Sheriff Prouter tells Farmer, referring to the mother of #83, "We knew it wasn’t a suicide." (1:09)

#83 on television: "When I came to, I couldn’t remember anything except I wanted to die..."
Denman tells the others, ”So his amnesia is completely gone.” (1:25)