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The Sergeant (1968)

John Phillip Law, Ludmila Mikael, Rod Steiger
Rod Steiger
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Her brother-in-law Paul tells Pvt. Tom Swanson, "Solange tells me you’re very intelligent." (0:22)

Master Sergeant Albert Callan tells Swanson, "You're intelligent..." (0:27)

Sgt. Komsky tells bartender Murphy, referring to Callan, "He’s got me damn near crazy..." (0:32)

Solange tells Swanson, referring to Callan, "He's getting a little bit drunk." (0:51)

Solange tails Callan, "You're crazy." (0:57)

Callan rells Swanson, "I just realized, I talked myself sober." (1:02)

Soldier Pop Henneken tells Swanson, referring to himself, "You think he's a drunk old bastard."
”You're talk’in crazy, Pop.” (1:09)

Callan tells Swanson, "Never been so drunk in my life." (1:12)

Swanson tells Solange, "I don't know where I've been, drunk, crazy." (1:17)

Her mother tells Solange and Swanson, "You make me nervous standing like that." (1:21)

Another Soldier tells Swanson, referring to Callan and Pop, "He caught him drunk on guard duty." (1:26)

Off camera, Callan shoots and kills himself with his rifle. (1:47)

Reference in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood