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The Shooting

CastJack Nicholson, Warren Oates, Will Hutchins, Millie Perkins
Year released1966
Spoiler alert
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Willett reads a marker at the head of a fresh grave. (0:03)

Willett, referring to his friend Coley: "He's crazy." (0:04)

Coley tells Willett that the mine was "Spooky and crazy."
Referring to Willett's brother Coin and Leland: "Then I hear 'em talking mad and arguing, so as I conclude they're drunk." (0:05)

Coley asks Willett, "Hey, you crazy? You crazy...?" (0:12)

Coley tells Willett, referring to the woman, "Well I'm glad then you ain't crazy after her." (0:39)

Willett tells the woman, "You want to destruct everything, even yourself." (0:50)

Willett sees gunslinger Billy shoot Coley. He buries him in the desert. (1:09)

Would you suspect intellectual disability (mental retardation) in Coley?

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