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The Stone Boy (2017)

Daisy Hamilton, Gary Shapiro
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Narrator, referring to Rollie Milan: "... he hated being touched..." (0:11)

The Fairy of Life tells the children, "... but don’t worry..."
”... don’t get distracted.” (0:16)

Marina tells carnival barker Florentino, "Don’t worry." (0:18)

Broadcast: "Stone Boy has recovered the sense of hearing." (0:33)

Marina tells her cousin Tito, "You’re being selfish." (0:39)

Tato: "... if this boy never recovers the sense of touch, he’ll stay stone forever."
Marina: ”Stone Boy got so angry that he lost his sense of touch.” (0:43)

Eyeball character: "... Stone Boy has miraculously recovered his sight in front of our very eyes." (0:57)