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The Student (2016)

Pyotr Skvortsov, Viktoriya Isakova, Yuliya Aug, Aleksandra Revenko, Aleksandr Gorchilin
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Inga Yuzhina asks her son Veniamin “Venya”, "Are you taking drugs? Venya, are you taking drugs?"
”Otherwise I’ll look like an idiot.” (0:02)

Inga asks Veniamin, "Do you hear what I’m saying, you idiot? This is because of taking drugs, isn’t it?... He’s a typical junkie." (0:09)

The school psychologist answers Inga, "Psychologist."
”Psychologist. Perfect.” (0:09)

Principal Lyudmila Stukalina tells physical education teacher Oleg Selnenko, "... as we talked about games, bikinis, and unconscious physical appeal." (0:14)

Hiss biology teacher girlfriend Elena Krasnova tells Oleg, "Puberty is a temporary mental disorder... Are you crazy?" (0:21)

Veniamin: "Therefore, I say to you, do not worry about your life... so do not worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself." (0:22)

Veniamin tells Inga, "... you’re dear to me, and I worry about you."
Inga: ”Your father drove me mad...”
Veniamin: ”You slept with your psychiatrist.”
Inga: ”Not my psychiatrist...” 0:25)

Inga tells Father Vsevolod, "Now he’s gone nuts." (0:28)

Student Grisha tells Elena, "It makes me look like a retard." (0:34)

A student tells Krasnova, referring to condoms: "These idiots use them as balloons..."
Vaniamin: ”She tells us we should trust our instincts.”
Woman: ”What instincts?... those who practice homosexuality deserve to die...”
Krasnova tells Stukalina, ”Homosexuality is a normal part of our morality.”
”No wonder the boy was confused and frightened.” (0:35)

Venya tells Vsevolod, "Other religions have suicide bombers... who give their lives for their faith." (0:45)

Oleg tells Elena, "A student goes nuts because of religion... But will it make things better if you go nuts too?" (0:56)

Grisha tells Venya, "They wanted to know if I'd be disabled... so they pricked me, and that made me disabled." (1:03)

Oleg tells Elena, "God’s driven you nuts... You're like a doctor snorting coke to test it. You've become a religion junkie."
Elena: ”You look like an idiot.” (1:19)

Venya talks to Jesus on the cross. (1:21)

Venya tells Grisha, "I let you get close to me, but you’re just a pervert."
Venya strikes Grisha’s head with a large lump of concrete. (1:37)

Elena tells the others, referring to Venya, "He's infected you with his pseudo-prophetical hysterics."
Oleg tells Elena, ”Now I see why you've been so obsessed for the last two weeks.”
Stukalina: ”Obsessed?”
Elena: ”Oleg, you're an idiot.” (1:46)