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The Sundowners (1960)

Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum, Peter Ustinov, Michael Anderson Jr., Glynis Johns, Dina Merrill, Chips Rafferty, Lola Brooks, Wylie Watson
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Sheep drover Paddy tells his wife Ida, “A clean living teetotaler, that’s what I’ll hire.”
Ida: ”Well you can try a little teetotaling yourself, while you’re at it.” (0:07)

Rupert tells Paddy and Ida’s son Sean, “Get this moronic whelp off me...” (0:09)

Woman, referring to Rupert: “It’s old Venneker. He’s drunk.”
Woman: “A mad dog?”
Woman: “Mad dog?”
Multiple bystanders echo, “Mad dog.”
Man: “I was bitten by a mad dog once.” (0:15)

Rupert tells Paddy, “You make less sense sober than drunk, Carmody.” (0:17)

Paddy asks Ida, referring to their dog Ollie, “Is he mad for me to be shearing sheep, too?” (0:48)

Ida tells Paddy, “... besides I need you to go to see that Bluey comes back early and not too drunk.” (1:13)

Jean tells Paddy, “Well sober him up, and be quick about it.” (1:20)

Jean tells her shearing operation owner husband Bob, “See that the men get sobered up.”
Ida tells Paddy, “Now then, get him sobered up.” (1:21)

Paddy tells the shearers, “I was drunk last night.” (1:27)

Shearer Ocker tells the others, “They must be off their rockers, that Mulgrue group.” (1:34)

Rupert tells Paddy, referring to shearer Johnson, “Try not to show him that you’re nervous. In fact, it might be good psychology it you could manage a hearty laugh.” (1:37)

Rupert tells Sean, “... it’d give Johnson a psychological advantage...”
Paddy: ”... psychologically he’s got me licked.” (1:39)

Jean: “Woman’s instinct, I call that.” (1:42)

Bar owner Mrs. Firth tells Jean and Ida, “Getting drunk on Sunday and gambling may be against the law...” (1:44)

Mrs. Firth tells Jean and Ida, “Of course I gotta get drunk now and then to set an example to the customers.” (1:46)

Paddy tells Ida, “I just wanted to... get drunk... just get drunk.” (2:03)