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The Sweet Life

CastAbigail Spencer, Chris Messina
Year released2017
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Actuary Lotlita tells ice cream salesman Kenny, "Single white females 18 to 24 -- Largest demographic for suicides in the continental US, edging out dentists and personal injury lawyers."
”You ever think about jumping?”
”Frank says that it's part of this greater obsession.”
”My therapist.”
Kenny: ”That's my therapist.”
Lolita: ”That's insane.”
”Did he recommend dance therapy to you?”
”I don't experience pleasure.” (0:03)

Kenny tells Lolita, referring to her job, "Well, that sounds really depressing to me."
Lolita: ”That's depressing. ”(0:06)

Lolita: "Don't be so nervous."
Kenny: ”I'm not nervous.” (0:07)

Kenny tells Lolita, "You don't have to worry about me." (0:12)

Lolita tells hitchhiker's Marlon and Brandon, "We’re on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge, to jump off... We’re crazy."
Marlon, referring to Granny, while holding the urn containing her ashes: ”She just passed.” (0:18)

Kenny asks Lolita, "What kind of passive aggressive bullshit is that, giving away the car... I left my whole life to hang out with an idiotic girl who goes to dance therapy. I mean, dance therapy?"
”You're insane... you are insane.” (0:22)

Kenny asks Lolita, "You're sleeping with your therapist?... You're... your therapist, and now you want to kill yourself because he's canceling all your appointments."
”If you think your therapist is going to fall in love with you, you're delusional.” (0:42)

His former fiance Ava tells Kenny, "I was getting drunk with Rita..." (0:55)

Marlon smokes a joint. (0:58)

Marlon spreads Granny’s ashes at the UFO museum. (0:58)

Her mother Katherine fails to recognize Lolita. (1:08)

Kenny tells Katherine, referring to ice cream flavors, "... it's just really depending on you and your – your mood..." (1:09)

Lolita tells Kenny, referring to Katherine, "I was 14 when she started showing symptoms... Early-onset familial Alzheimer's."
Kenny: ”Dance therapy.”
Lolita: ”That's not dance therapy.”
”That would be Michael Jackson.” (1:12)

Kenny tells Lolita, "I'm a little bit afraid of heights..." (1:23)

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