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The Tamarind Seed

Julie Andrews, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quayle, Dan O'Herlihy, Sylvia Syms, Oskar Homolka
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Soviet military attache Feodor Sverdlov tells personal assistant Judith Farrow, referring to the cigarette he offers her, "I promise you it isn't drugged." (0:12)

George MacLeod tells Margaret Stevenson, "... they're worried she might be passing on classified information." (0:16)

Feodor asks Judith, referring to the plantation owners, "You think they were worried?" (0:18)

Judith tells Feodor, referring to Captain Richard Patterson, "He was the only man I've been involved with since my husband died." (0:20)

Feodor asks Judith, "How can an intelligent woman like you even think of such nonsense?"
Judith: ”If you simplify it, it's just absolute selfishness...”
Feodor: ”You think I am selfish?”
”I'm really worried about you.”
”You don't know how charming it is to find an intelligent woman who does stupid things.” (0:28)

Russian General Golitsyn tells Feodor, referring to Igor Kalinin, "He was diagnosed as both physically and emotionally unqualified to continue his working." (0:45)

Feodor tells Judith, "In any case, don't worry." (0:56)

Margaret’s husband Fergus tells Margaret, "You don't need to worry."
Margaret: ”Oh, I'm not worried. You're the one who should be worried.” (0:59)

Margaret tells Fergus, "Oh, you pervert." (1:08)

Feodor tells Judith, "You look very worried. Adele"
Judith: ”No, I am worried.” (1:25)

Margaret tells Richard, "Now you and Fergus go back and tell the Ambassador there's nothing to worry about."
Richard’s wife Rachel tells Margaret, ”I've never fainted in my life.” (1:27)

Feodor tells Gen. Golitsyn, "She's feeling in a romantic mood at the moment." (1:31)

Golitsyn tells two agents, "Idiots." (1:44)

By telephone, George tells Judith,"Don't worry." (1:51)