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The Tenant

Roman Polanski, Isabelle Adjani, Melvyn Douglas
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The concierge tells Trelkovsky, "The previous tenant threw herself out of the window." (0:05)

The head nurse tells Trelkovsky, referring to Simone Choule, "She was in a coma till yesterday." (0:11)

Trelkovsky tells Simone’s friend Stella, "I'll never understand suicide." (0:15)

The cafe proprietor asks Trelkovsky, "You rented the apartment of that girl that jumped out of the window?"
”Still, a young girl like that killing herself... A moment of depression, and Wham, it's all over.” (0:25)

Memorial service for Simone (0:27)

Trelkovsky’s guest, referring to Trelkovky’s neighbor: "Idiot." (0:33)

Trelkovsky’s co worker reads from a newspaper: "Outraged neighbor shoots tipsy tenor..." (0:40)

A neighbor tells Trelkovsky, referring to her daughter, "She's done everything she could to make things difficult for us just because the girl is disabled." (0:45)

His coworker Simon asks Trelkovsky, "What are you, a peeping Tom now?" (0:47)

Trelkovsky tells Simone’s friend George Badar, "She committed suicide. Threw herself out of the window." (0:53)

Badar shares his grief with Trelkovsky. (0:55)

Trelkovsky tells Badar, referring to another man, "He's drunk... drunk." (0:56)

Simone's friend tells Stella, "It's depressing." (1:04)

Stella tells Trelkovsky, referring to a man who wanted to bury his severed arm, "He must have been nuts."
Trelkovsky: ”Don't worry.” (1:10)

Trelkovsky asks Madame Dioz, referring to Madame Gaderian, "Is she the one who lives with a disabled daughter?"
Dioz: ”Disabled?” (1:17)

Trelkovsky appears to hallucinate Dioz trying to strangle him. (1:19)

Trelkovsky: "They want to drive me to suicide." (1:30)

Trelkovsky dresses and makes himself up like a woman. (1:32)

Trelkovsky cross-dressed (1:38)

Trelkovsky tells Stella, "They're trying to kill me, drive me to suicide."
Stella: ”You're completely insane.”
Trelkovsky: ”I'm not insane... They forced her to commit suicide.”
They've been trying to turn me into Simone Choule.” (1:45)

Trelkovsky believes he sees Monsieur Zy at Stella’s door. Believing she is part of the conspiracy, he flies into a rage.(1:50)

Trelkovsky sees Monsieur Zy as the passenger in a car that just hit him. (1:55)

A doctor tells the driver, her passenger, and a policeman, referring to Trelkovsky, "In my opinion it's a mild case of delirium tremens."
Trelkovsky: ”No injection. I don't want any injection.”
The doctor injects his arm.(1:55)

Dressed as a woman, Trelkovsky jumps from his window. (2:00)

Bystander: "2 suicides in succession."
Dioz: ”He must be insane.”
Trelkovsky hallucinates.
He jumps from his window. (2:01)