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The Thing About My Folks

Peter Falk, Paul Reiser, Olympia Dukakis, Elizabeth Perkins, Mackenzie Connolly, Lydia Jordan, Ann Dowd, Claire Beckman, Mimi Lieber, Bernie McInerney
Peter Falk
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His wife Rachel tells writer Ben, “Oh, see, that just sounds crazy.” (0:02)

Ben tells his carpet business owner father Sam, “I’m a little confused...” (0:04)

Sam reads a letter Ben’s mother Muriel wrote to Sam before Ben was born: “Apparently, my life isn’t even my own to do away with.”
Sam asks Ben, “What kind of craziness is that?”
”That is pure crazy shit.” (0:22)

Sam asks Ben, “Is this what you do in therapy?” (0:40)

Ben tells Sam, “That’s what you do in therapy.” (1:03)

Sam: “Who’s crazy?”
Ben: “Nobody’s crazy.” (1:05)

Sam tells Ben, “You made your old man drunk.”
”Well, sound crazy, doesn’t it?” (1:14)

Ben: “We woke up one morning, and my father didn’t.”
Ben and his sisters visit their parents’ grave at the cemetery. (1:32)