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The Time of Their Lives (2017)

Joan Collins, Pauline Collins, Franco Nero
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Ex-actress Helen tells Priscilla, referring to the seaside, “I’m going to drown myself when I get there.” (0:08)

Frank asks Priscilla, “You idiot, where are you?” (0:09)

Tour leader Ileana, referring to Priscilla: “Senile old nanny.” (0:10)

Priscilla tells Helen, referring to her husband, “He’s dead.”
”I’m sorry to see him go.”
Helen introduces herself: “Helen, the only sane one on the bus, apart from you, hopefully.” (0:10)

Priscilla reads the obituary of Helen’s ex-husband to her. (0:13)

By telephone Frank asks Priscilla, “Are you going senile?” (0:17)

Priscilla tells a security agent, referring to Helen, “I think she fainted.” (0:21)

Frank tells his daughter, referring to Helen, “She... went off the rails, was a drunk.” (0:22)

Priscilla tells Helen, referring to the death of Priscilla’s son George at age 4, “He drowned, Helen.” (0:28)

Helen tells Priscilla, “I’m disabled here.” (0:38)

Helen tells Priscilla, “You locked the car, you idiot.” (0:40)

Helen tells artist Alberto, “So now you’re a recluse, locked away in this big old house with Nurse Ratched... I know that fame can make you crazy.” (0:45)

Alberto lights a joint.
Priscilla tells Alberto, “I don’t smoke.”
Alberto: “Neither do I, but I make an exception for prescription drugs.”
Priscilla smokes the joint. (0:48)

Alberto tells Priscilla, referring to the swimming pool, “I was preparing myself psychologically to go in.”
”Are you crazy?” (0:51)

A fan tells Helen, “Sorry, I’m a bit drunk.” (1:07)

At the memorial service for her ex-husband Helen asks Harry, “Are you senile.” (1:18)

Helen tells Priscilla, “I’ve never heard anything so deluded.” (1:24)

Priscilla finds Helen at the edge of the ocean. (1:36)